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Because the moment to get better is now!


Life, daily life pushes us to accelerate, to surpass ourselves, to go further, faster, more, more, more!

But… AND if we could stop the time?… Take a moment for ourselves, in a bubble of calm, and dive deep in our being… Discover his true desires… his essence…

For a regeneration of body and mind, in a place steeped in serenity and tranquility.
A moment for yourself, to escape the frenzy of everyday life… It’s your moment… Your happiness… Your gift…


Éveil d’Essence retreats

with Viviane Hilkner and Cristiane Tinguely

“A place out of time and world A rich, varied and captivating program, all crowned with delicious menus. We were pampered by our two organizers A moment out of the ordinary, very beautiful and cherished memories! THANKS to Cristiane and Viviane! “

Claudine (march 2018)

“A moment out of time where we have found our balance thanks to an harmony made of special meetings with quality teachers in an idyllic setting that lends itself to letting go.”

Jean-Claude and Rosaria (march 2018)