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kaizen center

The word kaizen (改善) is the fusion of the two Japanese words kai and zen which mean respectively “change” and “good”. Another common translation is “continuous improvement”.
In fact, by extension, we want to mean “analyze to make better”.

Kaizen is a process of concrete, simple and inexpensive improvements made in a very short period of time. But kaizen is primarily a state of mind that requires the involvement of all actors.

The kaizen center is born from the desire to be in a place where simplicity and serenity permeate the atmosphere and invite you to flourish.


Sharing and conviviality, during two days of practice of Hatha Yoga, Pilates, chiharmonie, Be Evolution, Yoga Nidra, meditation, walking …

Well being at work

Nowadays, stress appears as a risk for companies, resulting in lower productivity, absenteeism, accidents, losses…
Be a pioneer, invest in the well-being of your team.


As the name suggests, the practice of the chiharmonie method aims to find an overall harmony between the body, mind and emotions while activating its vital energy – the chi!


Reinforcement of the stabilizing muscles with a work of articular mobility and flexibility, supported by the breath for an improvement of the daily life.

be evolution

And, I said to my body, gently: “let’s be friends”. He took a deep breath and replied, “I’ve been waiting for this all my life”

Karma Class

Karma Class classes are a great way to practice or discover a free method while supporting a good cause with a free donation.