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Most people do not know how much their body is designed to feel good.



We are back at the Kaizen Center!

But for those who prefer to continue to follow us online, for convenience, precaution or other, we remain connected to support you. 

You just need to register for the desired course, with a valid email address, at most one hour before the course, download the application www.zoom.us and, at the latest 15 minutes before the course, you will receive an email with the link to join us.

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Monday 12:15 a.m. – Pilates

Tuesday 6:30 p.m. – Pilates

Saturday 9 a.m. – Be Evolution


be evolution

body emotional evolution

And I said to my body, gently :
“Let’s be friends”.
he took a deep breath and replied :
“I’ve been waiting for this all my life. “

In a life where we do not communicate directly and connect only through machines, the emotions are not fully experienced and released. They germinate in the body until freezing. How to talk about it in order to get better, if it’s the fact of not having spoken that put us in this state? Can we still express how we feel? Are we able to find the right words? So why not let the body speak and express what we do not know how to do?

Thursday 18h15
with cristiane tinguely


As its name clearly indicates, chiharmonie classes aim to bring you to a global harmony between body and mind while activating your vital energy – the chi!

Traditional Chinese Medicine and its principles are the theoretical basis of the chiharmonie method. Over the five seasons, the practice changes, evolves and adapts to the energy that nature releases. Spring wakes up sleepy chi, summer stimulates our whole being, Indian summer focuses us, autumn helps us to let go, and finally, winter brings us sweetness and calm …

This seasonal rhythm, too often neglected in our daily activities, allows us to be more effective in our lives and more aligned with our emotions. It’s a plus for our overall health!

Concretely, the practices that make up a chiharmonie class are inspired by martial arts and traditional Chinese gymnastics, and by different styles of yoga and pilates. Active relaxation, stretching, do-in (self-massage) and breathing exercises are also widely present. The practice is supported by music and small equipment, including colored balloons, to amplify bodily sensations.




wednesday 19h30
with cristiane tinguely



Hatha Yoga for beginners

Adapted to your level, in a small group.


wednesday 9h
with viviane hilkner


The Pilates method emphasizes the strengthening of deep stabilizing muscles, with a work of articular mobility and flexibility, supported by the breath for an improvement of the daily life.



monday 18h,  wednesday 18h15, thursday 12h15 & 19h30
with cristiane tinguely



Hatha Yoga

Ha – the sun; Tha – the moon; Yoga – the union The Yoga practice that brings balance and harmonization between solar energy and lunar energy; the body and mind through the practice of postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), gestures (mudras) and locks (bandhas) that redirect vital energy into the body.


monday 9h & 19h15, tuesday 18h, thursday 9h
with viviane hilkner